Skibike Movies


Background on films

Welcome to the home of an awesome historical collection of archival skibike movies. The rather scratchy old bits were shot in the early 80's on Super-8 film using a portable helmet mounted Canon 310 camera with a wide-angle 28mm lens. The motorcycle seen in the Joy of Biking is a rare 1975 Sachs Wankel, filmed with a Canon 1014.

Much of the original Super-8 film footage shot was transferred to digital using a single-frame Super-8 workprinter, and later converted to AVI when it was finally rendered into the flash video format.

As a result the quality of the original films has suffered a bit from having gone through several generations of unavoidable format conversions, but every effort has been made to preserve the same level of excitement that surrounded the original films when they were first screened over twenty years ago.

Now thanks to the miracle of modern technology these films are again available for viewing in the comfort of your own home. More recently, additional footage taken on a borrowed video camera has added yet another dimension to this exciting sport. So crack open a favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy some serious fun...