Canadian Skibike Action

Welcome to the home of Canadian Skibike Action. We are a fan site dedicated to promoting this exciting sport and sharing some of the experiences we've had through our stories and the numerous photos and movies we have taken over the years.

The site is also indebted to one person in particular, Kevan Leycraft, the Calgary entrepreneur who singlehandedly reinvented the sport in Canada during the 1970's with his innovative skibike designs. It is because of him that so many skiing enthusiasts were able to discover and pursue this unique and remarkably versatile sport.

Skibiking is an easy sport to learn but does require some skill to master. It seems easiest for those who already know how to ski, since the similarity to skiing is remarkable and anyone who knows how to carve an edge can pick up the sport in no time. This is a unique winter sport that like many disciples in life, requires dedication, a good level of fitness and a desire to discover some of the best experiences it's possible to have on snow. IW