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From: Dave Curtiss
Date: January 19, 2009

Kevan may remember when he found me on Wee Waxy (1989) in a heap ready to pack it in entirely. I was on a borrowed skibike that HE had made in nineteen ought-ought that was ready for the boneyard (the chassis was pinned together and wobbled) and had had little or no instruction. He was surprised to see one of his archival relics still in service and offered to swap bikes with me. I cruised to the bottom, finally having discovered the joy of skibiking.

I have never looked back and continue to skibike on a clone of the frames he was welding in the '80s. My wife and I have 4 that I have constructed plus a vintage Brenter that is mounted on the rumpus room wall. The new styles that I see "in the new millennium" are cool and I hope to one day check one out.

Besides Louise, we have enjoyed Sunshine,Kimberly,and Fortress(RIP) since then and continue to look for alternative ski hills to 'bike at. I must tell you,however,that your site advertises that Fernie is a skibike friendly area and it definitely is not. I contact them every winter and they always reply in the negative.

Having said that, I am pleased to see that you are continuing in the sport and look forward to seeing you on the slopes this winter. Maybe we can set up a skibike reunion and meet sometime in the future. FRESH TRACKS!!!

From: Ed Jamowski
Date: May 15, 2008
Hey bro, nice new site, finally caught up with the times!

From: Tom Thompson
Date: Dec 2, 2001
I was one of the original members of the Northwest Skibob Association. It was in Seatle Washington, and we were certified skibob instructors. We had a school and rental facility at 49% North. I and some of the other instructors raced Hari bobs that we ordered from Germany.

From: Steve O'Connor
Date: Thursday, February 1, 2001
As a SAGB (Skibike association of Great Britain) Instructor I could tell lots of funny tales, but that would not be fair to the folks involved. The great thing about our sport is that it is so easy to learn, with new bikers getting the hang of things within hours. I recently took a group of English lads on a course in Bavaria Germany. To a man they are hooked and are planning a return trip next year.

The culmination of the course was for the students to take part in the British Championships in Austria. With lots of face plants as we like to call it when you manage to come off the bike over the handlebars, and a fair number of wipeouts all six managed to complete the three races in good spirit. It might well have been the Apres Ski that made it such an enjoyable weekend, but any time on a Skibike is better than sitting around getting bored.

The funniest thing when with a group of newcomers to Skibiking is the look of sheer terror and exhaustion on their faces when they manage to reach the top of a good long T-Bar. For some reason these people seem to develop a vice-like grip from holding onto the T-Bar.

From: John Bushell
Date: Sunday, December 24, 2000
I had a super time skibobing at Lake Louise. The first day out was so great.
By the afternoon we were descending steep powder slopes carving around trees with ease. I look forward to trying out your new models with the kids. Take care.

From: Bjoern Walter
Date: Sunday, October 1, 2000
Hello dear freind, I'm a Skibiker to and i com from switzerland. I'm skibiking every time it's possibel. Please come and look one time on our homepage and tell us wat do you think.
The adress is:

I dont now to i have time, but i'd like to snowbiking one time in my live in Canada. A dream from my is to have a race there. Tank you and have a great time

From: Ron Mickelberry
Date: Monday, September 11, 2000

On my 74'Hari downhill racer, I decided to explore an area of Stevens Pass that I have never tried before. A double diamond run through the trees.

As usual I had gone my own way and found myself stopping amongst the trees where the hill was so steep that my downhill leg was practically straight down and my uphill knee was in my face.

I was having a great run until I came out on a cliff where there was only one way to go, down a narrow chute. The chute was only about 3 feet wide and some 40 feet long. The other was to walk back through deep snow on very steep terrain. Needless to say I took the chute.

But I couldn't ride down the chute so I got off my back and faced the hill and then slid down on my small skies and when I got going to fast I crammed by skibob into the snow. I was laughing so hard trying to do this I could hardly see.

Happy to say I made it through the chute and got back on my bob only to ride another 100 yards and found myself in the same situation! NO Problem I was an expert now and got through the 2nd chute and had a very enjoyable ride down the hill.

p.s. Sorry to add that Stevans pass doesn't allow skibobs now but hopefully they will change there minds in the near future.

From: Hugh Chisholm
Date: Friday, September 1, 2000

I learned what an edge was by trying to keep up with Kevan. I was determined to not fall behind the boys, and felt if I cracked a lift operator in the head one more time with my front ski or got hit by the chair I would surely be asked to turn in my cool card.

All I know is I was using all my might to stay up, I was going so fast my first air was over the cat-track completely. The only ground I hit was a slight lift off the top of the other side of the cat-track which was actually the top of a 30-40 foot hill. Or was it 80-100?

Regardless, the single pine tree broke my fall and I was carried off the hill alive. Greatest day of my life! I think the #1 bob in the web site is mine. Or was it #5, but it looked just like the old style pictured. A fantastic time and after that I really got good at bobbing. Pretty lame by today's snowboarders standards but we were not TRYING to do faceplants off 200 ft. cliffs.

Going off the back of the Summit at Lake Louise is right up there with scuba diving the Blue Hole or Sky diving from the moon.

We went heli-bobbing at Panorama once but the traversing was a bitch. Great Site! Keep it up!