Skibike History - The Next Millennium

The first decade of the new millennium has revealed several new designs from the fertile mind of Mr. Leycraft including this novel variation of the standard skibike geometry. This latest skibike is a heavy duty touring machine designed to handle rough terrain and hard riding. All tubular construction gives this skibike smooth lines and a clean look. Not a lightweight machine, lots of arm curls recommended before grabbing this one.

Millennium Skibike

There are other skibikes emerging from the depths of the industrial heartland as well. Behind the decaying waste of the next urban dark age, sparks of creative ingenuity still florish. Urban Skibike

The latest incarnation is a hybrid machine, a blend of modern asphalt inspired vibration dampening borrowed from a traditional two-wheeler, combined with the neo-classic structural simplicity of a high performance snow harley. The result is a skibike...with attitude.

2007 - The last few years have seen a flourish of experimental prototypes. Many of these are still based on the successful integration of the closed-loop frame with the full-floating ski, but with a few differences. Not the least of which is the novel lift-loading capability integrated into the new designs. The open frame under the seat is intended to seamlessly allow a rider to perch the bike on a chairlift without dismounting.

Millennium Skibike

The other novel feature evident on all new prototypes are the various incarnations of the fully articulated frame. Each current version uses a slightly different implementation of the frame articulation concept, but with all of them allowing for greatly increased degrees of frame flexibility. This lineup of new skibikes has been gathered together at left, and can be safely said to represent the future of skibike design.

Undoubtedly, there will be more to come...

Commercial Skibike

2008 - 2009 Further refinement of the skibike design has led to the development of a relatively stable production version. This machine incorporates several new features, most notably the full floating articulated frame, with the addition of the easy-loading cantilevered seat design. This skibike could set the highwater mark for the next decade, or even longer, in terms of ease of use, performance, ski hill compatibility and safe chairlift operation. This is one refined machine.