Salvaged from obscurity, this denizen of the over-shocked mountain bike craze has seen its frame reincarnated with an entirely new purpose, perhaps even the destiny it was truely intended for. Rather than rock strewn dusty trails, this frame in its new quise will take on snow covered winter hills instead. This adventure in "mods" is an unexpected departure from the traditional ground-up custom frame design. An experiment in radical innovation perhaps, one even seen in various permutations before, but never quite so much as where the core structural elements of the machine have been so blatently borrowed from an existing off-the-shelf "road rasher". Although a clean but slightly over-complicated appearance catches the eye at first, this skibike still commands attention. It demands to be ridden.

With just a few minor improvements before the trial runs, like a shorter handlebar extension and perhaps a shocked stay strap on the rear ski, this skibike is ready to roll.

Again, without much imagination, it can be safely assumed that this is not a lightweight machine, coming in just shy of thirty pounds.


A frontal profile.

Close up of the intricate rear end. It will be interesting to see how this complex machinery holds up after a hard day of riding.