This was the skibike that competed in the German skibike races in 1989. It was built in 1988 and was quite a beefy machine that departed considerably from the conventional design of the time. Most notable was the "leading link with coil-over" dampener on the front ski. Also evident in this design is the free hinge on the lower frame member just forward of where the foot pegs attach to the frame.

Only two skibikes were built with this leading link shock absorber during the 1980's. These skibikes were heavy and although the front shock did smooth out the ride, this advantage was not always worth the weight penalty.

This is the only other 1980's skibike built with a leading link shock absorber. It was built in 1989 and, apart from the fact that it does not have foot pegs, the only other difference between it and the original skibike is in the way the frame attaches to the skis, where in this case, the skis are bolted to a bushing at the lower end of the frame, and cushioned with rubber blocks on adjustable flanges.