This machine is the earliest known surviving skibike, built around 1975. It is owned by Dave Agnew of Bragg Creek, Alberta, who affectionately calls it the "Red Rocket".

Of particular interest is the dual steering column and the rigidly attached rear ski, typical of the skibikes built in the seventies. Notice also that the handle bars have been welded to the top of the dual steering column, a feature that changed in later models because it was so hard on the arms. Also notice how far back the bend in the frame backbone is compared to the seat hinge and how the rear seat spring is mounted part way up the lower triangular frame member.

As with most skibikes built in the seventies, this machine was built with round steel tubing for both upper and lower frame members and has a custom built spring on the front ski, although mounted at a steeper angle than later designs. The frame also appears to have been chromed.