This was the first skibike ever built that did not rely on a rigidly attached rear ski. Built in 1979, this skibike was unique in many ways because it demonstrated several concepts for the first time.

It was the first skibike to have the frame built entirely out of square steel tubing for both the upper and lower frame members. It was also the first skibike to use a single steering column, which simplified the design and helped reduce weight. Notice however that it still uses the spring dampened front ski.

The rear ski was attached to the frame using a bushing held by a single bolt running horizontally through a shaped sleeve on the ski, similar to the way the front ski was attached to the steering column. However, because this arrangement allowed the rear ski to rotate freely, a hydrallic shock was added between the frame and the rear ski to provide added strength and to limit its range of motion.

This remarkable one-of-a-kind skibike is owned by Dave Agnew of Bragg Creek, Alberta. With all the steel on this skibike, it was not a light machine, weighting in at around 35 pounds. This did not diminish its performance however, since it was apparently a lot of fun to ride.