An example of one of the early classic skibike models built around 1979-80. This skibike is one of a production run of about fifty machines. It has the dual steering column and the rigidly attached rear ski. This model also has the custom built spring on the front ski typical of the early designs. Also note the curved spring steel plate between the top of the steering column and the handle bars, added to provide cushioning for the arms.

Notice that the bend in the upper frame member is farther forward than the 1975 model and is now where the seat hinge attaches. The seat itself has been moved slightly further back and the original seat spring has been retrofitted with a motorcycle shock, a common upgrade among early skibikes. The attachment point for the rear shock has also been moved further down the frame and is closer to the rear ski. This frame has been powder coated.

These were extremely solid machines that could handle rough terrain and the harsh conditions found while powder skiing in the trees. As fun as these skibikes were to ride in deep powder snow though, on hard packed slopes the rear ski had a tendency to skid more than it carved.